Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

November 13, 2009

Relationship Survey

Relationship Survey

The Basics..

1. Their Name: Azaly

2. How did you meet: Bump into each other while mandi manda at Gunung Ledang

3. Did you like them right away: Nope.. he is so annoying

4. When did you first meet: Gunung Ledang waterfalls

5. Where was your first date: Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur

6. What did you like about them: He's honesty.... ++

7. What didn't you like about them: smoking, easy to angry

Fun Stuff..

8. Did they use a pick up line?: nope...annoyinng line =YES

9. Who flirted first: him, of course

10. Do they tickle you a lot: sometimes...

11. Do you hate their family: nope... HATE is a big word ok...

12. Do you like their friends: some Yes, some No

Little more Personal..

13. What was the first kiss like(a peck, french, etc.): a peck..I guess

14. How did you feel after the kiss: shy

15. Who made the first BIG move: him

16. Did you play hard to get: of course..afterall, I'm an old fashioned girl

17. Are you in love: yeah...all the time...

Firsts Together..

18 Restaurant: McDonald

19. Movie: Harry Potter 1

20. fight: about a friend...

21. Trip: Malacca

22. Lie: somebody else interference

Random Relationship Stuff..

23. Do you live together: yes.. we are married now..

24. Share a Checking account: nope.. I dont believe in share 100% together...

25. Planning anything major: yup... CHILD

26. Would you do anything different: yeah..y not..adventure things...

27. Do you see yourself with them in the distant future: yup..I hope so..

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