Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

April 30, 2009

Nasal Problem

I have been suffering from Nasal Problems like ages now...
this became worst when yours truly was soooo afraid to see the doctor and asked about the problem... like nanti doktor tu bedah idong saya, saya cacat takder idong...nitemare which is sgt ridiculous kan?

it was a bit shame when my colleaque also noticed about the problem... and this morning, the cute colleaque of mine, Wong Loo Yee suggested me to buy from any pharmacy these 2 medication, but I need to check with doctor first whether my body suitable with those 2 medications...and it defitinely cannot be taken duo at the same time ok durra... nanti hidungmu terus tercabut!!! hahahaha

Beconase Nasal Spray

Beconase is a prescription drug that is licensed to treat allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. It can also be used to prevent nasal polyps from returning after surgical removal. Beconase comes in the form of a nasal spray and is generally used twice a day to control symptoms. While most people tolerate it well, potential side effects include occasional sneezing attacks and nose or throat irritation.

Clarinase Tablet

Clarinase provides 12 hours of relief from the symptoms of allergies, without making you drowsy. It is particularly effective when used to treat the symptoms of hayfever, perennial allergic rhinitis, and other upper respiratory complaints. This is because Clarinase not only contains the antihistamine Loratadine but also includes the decongestant properties of Pseudoephedrine Sulphate. Antihistamine works by reducing the effect of histamine released during an allergic reaction. Histamine is part of the body's defence mechanism and, in the case of an allergy, it is accidentally emitted in response to a benign allergen. The main consequence of this is the advent of those symptoms typically associated with allergies. These include nasal decongestion or a runny nose, itchiness, reddish irritated eyes, and sneezing. The decongestant temporarily relieves the pressure on the nasal passages by reducing swelling and sinus congestion, allowing breathing patterns to return to normal. Each Clarinase tablet incorporates 5 milligrams ( mg ) of Loratadine and 120 milligrams of Pseudoephedrine Sulphate. Clarinase 12 Hour Relief is available in packets of 10 repetabs, which are repeat action slow-release tablets.

Information taken from: www.treatallergies.com

nak try la.... mana tau lps ni sy dpt bernafas dgn lebih lancar...hahahaha


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