Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

April 21, 2009

Makeup... Chanteks

Makeup is a woman thing... a thing that we aren't supposed to share with men, unless the man is Mak Nyah!!!

saya tertarik dgn apa yg saya baca dan tonton di blog Leed. belajar ber-makeup adalah seronok!!!saya sangat inspired dgn Leed... and bolehkah kalau saya mencontohi dia???and thats leads me to my this year New Year Resolution... which is..

to learn how to use make up tools, buy more make up stuff and bersolek seadanya untuk cucian mata sang suami!!
not that I dont know how to apply make up... tau la sket2...base jer la...but I dont know to do the right way... all I know is to put the compact powder, black eyeliner, some eye shadow (klu nk pg kenduri of function), blusher and lipgloss. thats all. I dont know how to make it nicely and beautifully... i dont know what is the use of foundation and all those complicated thing to me... and mascara did make my eyes raser nak terlelap!! huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu...

well... I'm considerating to join Kak Yus Vogue Private Makeup Class...other than I'm amazed of her touch, it is the most cheapest makeup class!! RM50 jer... mana tahu I can improve myself and learn carefully how to apply all those make up appliances... tp, mcm tak best jer pg sorg...nak ajak saper ek??? saper nak teman? I belanja!! sorg jer la tp tau!!!

p/s:entry ni dh hold 2 hari...knp? sgt major busy!! huhuhuhu...daaaa....


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