Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

April 09, 2009

How To Wear Ankle Boots?

Ankle Boot
I always love ankle boots... I hv one, given by my dearest aunt, Mak Chu. Its a Puma ankle boot I think... and I always thought to buy another one... unfortunately, I always have this second thought on how am I going to style it... what dress or pants to match it with correctly...

and now I know...

More than a pump, less than a boot.... Ankle boots have been adorning the feet of Hollywood's trendiest celebs, but are they for you? And there is a right way to wear these for every figure type.

If you are:

Tall & Slender - You look best pairing ankle boots wit leggings or skintight denim.

Tall & Slender

Petite - You look best pairing ankle boots with bubble skirts or cuffed shorts and fitted tops, ala Ashlee Simpson.

Petite Like Ashley Simpson
Tall & Curvy - Layering long tunics and footless tights with ankle boots is your best bet.

Plus Size - don't worry, you also can look good with ankle boots by matching it with a funky, a-line dress and opaque tights for the most flattering result.

Queen Latifah


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