Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

April 09, 2009

Death Link To Too Much Red Meat

Wanna share with you some info's on HEALTH....

Scientists have produced new evidence suggesting eating lots of red and processed meat damages health. They found big meal eaters had a raised risk of death from all causes over a 10 year period.

In contrast, a higher intake of white meat was associated with a slightly reduced risk of death over the same period. The US study, featured in Archives of Internal Medicine, was based on more than 500,000 people.

A major study has found fresh evidence of a link between red and processed meat and bowel cancer, scientists say.

The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) looked at the dietary habits of over 500,000 people across Europe over 10 years.

Those eating over two 80g portions of red meat a day were a third more likely to get bowel cancer than those eating less than one portion a week, it found.

EPIC's study is reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Since it began, 1,330 people have developed bowel cancer.

The study also found a low fibre diet increased the risk of bowel cancer.

Eating poultry had no impact but the risk for people who ate one portion or more of fish every other day was nearly a third lower than those who ate fish less than once a week.

Strong evidence
Lead researcher Professor Sheila Bingham, of the MRC Dunn Human Nutrition Unit in Cambridge, said: "People have suspected
for some time that high levels of red and processed meat increase risk of bowel cancer, but this is one of the largest studies worldwide and the first from Europe of this type to show a strong relationship."

What Is Bowel Cancer?
Bowel cancer can occur in the small or large bowel (also known as the small or large intestine). Technically, colorectal cancer is cancer of the large bowel, but it's often referred to simply as bowel cancer. This article discusses cancer of the large bowel.

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White Meat is goodddd - any lighter-colored meat, often contrasted with red meat.Also refers to the lighter-colored meat of poultry as contrasted with "dark meat".


how could a human eat this cute little creature?????

Red Meat is deliciousssss.....-in culinary terminology refers to meat which is red-colored when raw. Red meat includes many mammals, but not others.

Rib Eye Steak... YUMMY-licious!!!


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