Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

March 26, 2009

Let's Get To Know Me!!

What Color Is Your Personality?

Vibrant Yellow


You are a very excited person. You love to take risks, and even though sometimes they are dangerous, you don't care. It was fun! You have friends who are almost exactly like you and you get kind of nervous when someone dark or emo comes close to you. You are mostly a happy person. Your motto: "Live to have fun."

The True Age Test

Logo Dieyra is really 21 years old

What Disney Princess Are You?



You are Cinderella, the most beautiful princess ever. You have exceptionally high standards and are willing to work hard and make sacrifices to achieve your dreams. Lucky for you, your prince is just around the corner..

How good are you in bed?

that...was... AMAZING!

WOW! People from all over the country are dying to have sex with you. Dont change anything. Your perfect the way you are (sex wise)

How Loyal of a Friend Are You?


You would stand by your friends till the bitter end. You are LOYAL to your friends and those around you; and would go to hell and back again just to see them safe. If we knew you we'd place out lives in your hands.


instead of tomboy or prep....r u a regular girl?

Your Result: prep


ok...its not horrible 2 b a prep...there r plenty of nice preps...some ppl like u,some dont...u just have 2 find the ppl that do!

What celebrity guy do u want to date???

Your Result: mark wahlberg,channing tatum,sean faris


u will date mark wahlberg and you will have a great life with him

What princess are YOU???

Your Result: Ariel


You are Ariel!.....You know all about the underwater life and where everything is....You are beautiful and can acclomplish anything if you put your mind to it!!!

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the end...


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