Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

March 30, 2009

Hat & Fashion..

Hat as a trendy accessory for Guys...

Men have been sporting hats way before women. It was first used as protective headgear, then as a status symbol, and now more importantly as a fashion accessory.

1.Newsboy Cap - If a beret and a baseball had hat a baby, their love child would be a Newsboy Cap (also known as Gatsby Cap). This hat does not discriminate against age as it looks good on guys of all ages.
Burberry Newsboy Cap

Ashton looks kinda hot with hats...

2.Flat Cap - The flat cap is very similar to Newsboy Cap, but its cleaner and more structured. It's as is someone couldn't figure out how to wear the beret, so they added a stiff brim to hold it in place.

My Mc Dreamy... always look handsome...
Hayden??? hat...OK, but where is ur makeup???

3.Cowboy Hat - A cowboy hat only looks hot without the cowboy boots and tight jeans.

The Ultimate Most Handsome Cowboy In The World!!!

Ashton again with cowboy hats...riding Demi huh? hahahaha

4.Fedora Hat - With a simple t-shirt, jeans and some appropriate necklaces or leather bracelets, give yourself a more rocker look.

Ed Westwick aka the macho stylish Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl

Johnny Depp wears it better...

The winner is... Justin Timberlake!!!

5. The Beanie - Its now worn as a street look and the results are HOT!!

Looks like Granny "SERKUP" huh?

Ashton looks hot with this beanie!!

hiding from paparazzi, Becks?

Rachel Bilson frm The O.C wears it also...n looks hot too...

Some tips from me... just suker2... sharing is caring right?
Hats do accessorize your outfit...


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