Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

August 15, 2008

Sarawak Legends...

Yesterday...all alone in the house...
make me selak2 old photos....
time2 belajar kt UiTM Kuching, Sarawak....
suddenly on RTM 1, Bob AF4 sang a very familiar song....
song that I used to love before... song that refreshes all the sweet n bitter memories at Kuching, Sarawak...

I missed that place...
I missed my friends...
I missed the food...
I missed the languages...
I missed all the memories with Rahman (???- ada hati lagik ek???)
and other people as well.... *wink* *wink*

I used to love this one traditional song...and the stories behind the song is sooo interesting..



Oooo puteri sentubong sejinjang sayang
kisah la zaman mensia maya

Puteri Santubong, Puteri Sejinjang,
Penjaga gunung negeri Sarawak,
Manis sik ada dapat dilawan,
Anak dak dewa turun kayangan.

Ooo..Santubong Puteri,
Menenun kain…malam,
Ooo…Puteri Sejinjang,
Menumbuk padi…siang.

Satu hari nya duak kelayi,
Beranok-anok sik renti-renti,
Sa orang madah diri bagus agik,
Sa orang sik ngalah sampei ke mati,

Udah lejuk nyaduak kelai
lalu bertukuk nya duak puteri
sejinjang mengayun alu ka pipi
tebi sentubung sampei gituk ari

tapi sentubong membalas juak
lalu ditikam bantang belidak
sampei terken sejinjang kepalak
lalu bertabur jadi pulo kera

kisah sentubong kisah sejinjang
asal berkawan jadi musohan
kinek tok tinggal jadi kenangan
pakei ingatan sepanjang zaman

Yalah kisah duak ‘rang puteri,
Suka kelayi setiap hari,
Lalu disumpah raja kayangan,
Menjadi gunung negeri Sarawak.

Interesting lyrics huh? I love the song...ok, maybe the mp3 lyrics doesnt go along with my lyrics... I cant find the actual Mp3 for the song...but the lyric is the real one... the fresh one b4 people changed it to remix and what so ever...

and dulu... minat gak lagu Ulek Mayang... its Kelantanese traditional song if I'm not mistaken la... but since mum told me that the song is a ghost summon song sang by the fishermen tiap kali diorg nk pegi menjala... konon2 Mayang tu akan jaga keselamatan diorg la... n not only that...they also persembahkan korban untuk mknn hantu tu la kot... not sure sgt... and since that day, dah tak minat dah... takut...nanti jadik syirik lak!!!

but the story of Puteri Santubong and Puteri Sejinjang, the two beautiful princesses from kayangan who rules the land at that time... In the past, local legends recounts on this 2 mystical sisters. Both of them who are from a magnificent and idyllic mystical kingdom called Kayangan. They were sent to earth to restore peace between the neighboring villages of Pasir Kuning and Pasir Putih, with a very strict condition given by the mighty Kayangan King that they must never quarrel with each other.

They've been divided to 2 place... Santubong, the expert weaver, was to rule Pasir Kuning while Sejinjang, the skilled rice thresher, was to rule over Pasir Putih.

Puteri Santubong's intricately woven fabrics were an instant success and Puteri Sejinjang's paddy field were greatly thriving. Both villages soon became famously prosperous. The beauty and talent of both princesses made them much sought after by handsome suitors from all over the world.

None of them won the beauties heart until this young prince from Matang named Putera Mahkota Serapi met with them. And being MEN!!!, this prince couldn't choose between two beauties and decided to polygamy.. hehehehe... is there such words back then??? Unfortunately, and thank god.. hehehe... both princesses refused to share their love...

because of this young prince... these peacefully living (before!!) princesses had an awful quarrel and exchanged blows. Sejinjang swung her thresher to Santubong's cheek and Santubong pay back by threw her weaver at Sejinjang and hit her head directly. This make the Kayangan King mad and he cursed both sisters into mountains. And so as the handsome prince which turn to Pulau Kera...

and now... if u come to Sarawak and has the chance to go to Gunung Santubong, u can see the features of the mount that looks like a women lying on her back. The deep crevice at the peak is where Santubong received the blow of Sejinjang's thresher.

I always love to stare at the mountain everytime I get the chance to hang out at Damai Beach... and sing the song... I just lurve the song very much!!! n I think, Santubong is the good princess while Sejinjang always jealous with her and that makes her the villain... that is why the song named Puteri Santubong... not Puteri Sejinjang!!! haahahaha...thats only my 10cent opinion!!!and they fought over a guy... huhuhuhuhu... so lame... but I dont care... I love the song!!

wahh... suddenly I thought I want to compile all those traditional songs that I used to love and sing la.... thank god that government has compiled the songs in their website, Kementerian Kebudayaan I loike!!!

ok...wait for next entry... I will compile all my fav song... and if rajin... I'll put the lyrics as well, ok? TUNGUUUUUUUUUU.........

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