Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

August 26, 2008

Doa Kamalia

Doa Kamalia
9pm – 11pm, TV2

I watched this telemovie on TV2 last night with dearest hubby. It was so… touched!! Really touched and it makes me cried… wondering how a man could hurt his own wife… the one who had been sacrificed her whole life dedicated to beloved husband… so mean…so cruel…

The story begins with a lovely wife (played by the cute Sazzy Falak as Kamalia) living with her loving husband (played by Syed Aiman , Linda Rafar’s hubby as Izwan) for 9 years without any child. Her mother in law was so mean and keeps forcing Rizwan to marry Ramlah, another kampong girl that his mom really adores. Being the soft, naïve and an orphanage, Kamalia just keep quiet and keep praying to Allah for her hubby’s happiness.

One day, at Rizwans’ moms’ house, she accidentally heard a conversation between Mak Jah, Rizwans’ mother and Rizwan. At first, Mak Jah persuades Rizwan to marry Ramlah so she can give her grandchild. Rizwan refused and told his mom that he has another candidate. Kamalia who has been curik2 dengar beside the other wall was so shocked… even worse when suddenly Rizwan’s hp rangs and he answer like… “Hello Sayang” sebelum dia sedar yang Kamalia yang masih tercengang mendengar kata2nya kini berada dihadapannya.

After several conflicts between love, jealousy and syak wasangka which is typical cerita melayu… between Rizwan, Kamalia, Rozita (played by Julia Hana who always played the bitchy role) and Kamal or Rashid? Lupa arr nama dia… but played by Fauzi Nawawi, Lisdawati’s hubby. (I got it now, its Farid, Izwan's best friend and sort of Kamalia's abang angkat la..got it from Budiey) One day, after Kamalia agreed to let her husband marry Rozita, she faint at her porch. Bla…bla…bla… she was pregnant and this changed Rizwan’s mind!! Typically man kan? Ingat women ni apa ntah!!!

Cut the story, Kamalia’s pregnancy has been facing some difficulties until one day, she has bleeding and has admitted to the hospital. The doctor told Rizwan that she’s having difficulties and complication which so chronic. He has to choose between Kamalia’s life or the baby’s life. If Kamalia gone through the operation, she will never survive but Rizwan will get the baby, vice versa. And being the selfish one, and ok…maybe confused, he couldn’t make any decision…

At the end of the story, Kamalia gone through the operation to save the baby’s life and as expected, she died. Rizwan has never been married to Rozita nor Ramlah as those two bitches refused to take care of the immature born baby. Typical lagi eh? Sampailah bila Rizwan perasan, budak lurus bendul yang sangat lembab pemikirannya bernama Lela (I don’t know who she is), sanggup menjaga anaknya tanpa meminta balasan… she simply loves the baby and the baby mixed really well with her… he marries the girl… THE END

Being me, sgt terpengaruh dgn cerita itu, saya pun sengaja membangkitkan topik ini dengan enchek hubby… he’s answer was so sweet eventhough I still not satisfied… hahahaha, sgt2 terpengaruh ni tau!!!

Me: abang, klu ayang pregnant, and ada komplikasi (nauzubillah la kan!!! Mintak dijauhkan) between 2 choices… I and the baby… who would you choose to live?
Him:(tergelak2, dh agak I will brought up the topic) ayang ni, cepat terpengaruh la tau!!!
Me:I’m serious ni…. Cepat…jawab!!!
Him:Ok… kalau abang pilih baby, mesti ayang mengamuk kan… nanti ckp, abang tak sayang ayang…(sambil mengajuk2 gaya I, perlu ker???) of course la abang pilih sayang…..
Me:eee… ngada tau nk ajuk2 org lak!!! Ye ker? Kenapa? Abang taknak baby?
Him:mestilah nak… tapi, sayang lagi penting dlm hidup abang… baby boleh buat lagi..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh.. (censored 18sx!!) sayang, kat mana abang nak cari?
~sweet huh? Tapi masih ada kegatalan tu!!!~
Me:huhuhu, urm… apakata you have to choose between me n the baby and plus another condition… what if, lose me and have the baby with lose the baby, me alive and cannot give birth anymore? Camner?
Him:(tergelak besar lagi sambil mata tertutup…dia ngantok sgt tp terpaksa layan wife yg byk songel ni!!!) hahahahaha, apa la ayang ni… ni dah lebeh ni…mengarut2 plak… ayang takkan apa2 la… ayang kan gagah… kental!!!
Me:eee…. Org ckp betul2 ni la… jawabla betul2… (dh start nk merajuk ni!!!)
Him: ala… ye la…ye la… masih lg dgn jawapan yang sama, abang pilih sayang!!
Me:eh… nanti takder anak langsung tau!! At least klu ayang lepas, abang ada anak dengan ayang gak… taknak gak? (saja nk uji lg ni….hhhuhuhu)
Him:aah… amek jer anak angkat…apa susah….

N the conversation ended at that time as dia dh malas nk layan karenah I and cpt2 tekup muka kat bantal… huhuhuhuhu… well, thank you abang… I appreciate your answers… I know you love me that much… but still, being me who always self conscious, I would always beware… huhuhuhu.. but what ever it is… I love you abang… and I will never be as naïve and kind hearted as Kamalia to let you marry other bitches if I can’t give birth!!! Hahahaha (evil laugh!!)

And for the telemovie... I really learnt a lot from the plots... Kamalia is so touchy... I love her part... I love when Sazzy play the role... same goes with her roles as Shasha in Goda and GnG...

~photo credit to Budiey.com~

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  1. ceh..ingat ko nak post pics ko..weh, bile application aku kat Fs tgk pic ko akan dGrant?..penaT tunggu la.. hehe

  2. amboi2 romantik nyer, siap ade conversation si penonton lg tuh. tak tahan..

    durra nk tny ko, cane nk letak updates from blog kwn? aku da puas cari, dok cube klik2 kt pg ko x jmp2.
    last2 jatuh kn ego nk tny kau..

    cane? bg link die ker kt aku.


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