Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

July 21, 2008

New Job

Hye guys!!!
I got a new job!!! will be starting on 1st August 2008
actually...it almost considered as my ideal job...
y my ideal job?
because it related to what I've learnt in my degree..
no more teaching... bye2 to those sucks admin work...
yours truly is now will be the Quality Assurance & Maintenance Executive of a coil n steel service company at Puncak Alam!!!

ok...it maybe not so gah la kan.... but for me...it would be my first step to enter the manufacturing industry!!! the real one!!!

now... I have to think about my outfit!!! I need something mobile... something that would not be the halangan for me to bergerak bebas... as I have to move faster and jalan2 dlm kilang... wahhhh... HEAVEN!!! people keep testing me by takut2 kan... wahh...tough tu kerjanya... sama dgn QC as Quality Control tu!!! I dont care!! What I care is that I can learn some new things!!! I need to take all my books from home la macam ni kan!!! and this job wouldn't need me to wear baju kurung and sit in front that unfriendly computer and sabar with the killing air conditioning!!!

ok... what outfit eh? I need to gather it using Polyvore....
here some of my ideas....
Daily Wear

From Left: Single Button Blazer (Topshop), Morgan Blazer (Oli), Black & Blue Stripes Trousers (Dorothy Perkins), Tops New In (Topshop), Stripe Ruffle Blouse (Topshop), Black Embroidered Top (New Age), Blue Shirt (Topshop)

Accesories - for shoes, I dont know why...but since lately I keep hang out with my SIL ... I hv been addicted and in love with wedges... I felt it so comfy and mudah diusung kesana sini... huhuhuhu... I lurve bracelet... diamonds and pearls bracelet is my No 1 fav. I'm not an earing person as I'm wearing tudung (no point pon nk pki subang gah2 kan?) and so as necklace. I wore them, but not accesorize... the same earing and necklace everyday... tak pernah bukak punyer...huhuhuh... handbag lak... I love handbag, those in the pictures are Coach Delphine Metallic Leather & Burberry Handbag

Saturday Wear

Outfit - Theadore Embroidered Tunic, Black Slacks, Anna Sui Chevron Print Top wear with Long Sleeve tshirt.

Accesories - oversized sunglasses by MNG, again.... wedges shoes. utk lbh ranggi, Two Lips Manhattan Black Boots, tokidoki Adios Logo Bracelet, Catherine Propesco Blue Bracelet and the handbags are from Baby Phat and unknown brand hobo bag....

ok...now I need money to go shopping...need new clothes for new job!!! hahahaha...best2...
i need a comfy and lose outfit with cotton material... I'm not in airconditioning area anymore!!!

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