Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

May 17, 2008

DrEaM a LiTtLe DrEaMzzzzz

Read from the advertlet (oops...silap2!!! AllMalaysia la...sowieee) and attract with the contest.. I always love to enter any contest...
I want to win those Normal Season PS1 Dreamz double passes worth RM260 each!!
So...the task that I need to do are:

1. Put this photo/ poster
2. Answer these questions: (the answers is in blue color)
  • Who is the professional image consultant dishing out juicy tips on how to look your best at CloveTWO.com's Lookin' Good section?
    Wendy Lee
  • Name the bloggers at the Guy and Parent blogs.
    Guy: Andrew William Parent: Sharmila Rajah.
  • At which section do you find stories on women's fashion and beauty?
    Style Sheet

3. Complete this slogan...

Attending Dreamz would be a dream come true for me because... I am a dreamer and with dream, I'll try my best to make it real. I love magic show and always amazed with the extravaganza performance. By having chance to attend Dreamz, once again I managed to turn dreams to a reality.. a sweet memorable reality, of course.

I hope I get the chance to win and see this performance for real!!!
cross finger!!!

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  1. congrat on your winning post ..


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