Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

April 08, 2008

Embarrassment Of An Idiot People

How to deal with idiot people?
How to cope with people that think they are right and will always be right even though obviously they are trying to make fool of themselves?
How to avoid this kind of stupid idiot human being from dragging us to their full of stupidity and humility world?
How to avoid them without their knowledge and hurt their feelings?
Can anybody answer me?
I really need the answer....

I really cannot tolerate the embarrassment that I have received lately....
these assholes... do they really ...actually aware that they are dragging people around them with true 100% humiliation by being their friends...relatives...or maybe sister?

Read from No Asshole Rule by Robert Sutton..
quite interesting 2 subtopics they have...
1. How to avoid being an Assholes and
2. How to deal with Assholes

actually, I wanted to find article about how to avoid the Assholes!! huhuhuhu... but this articles will do la... not bad... helps me a bit... and I love this poll he has in his blog....

True or false: I work for an asshole. (Self-employed people can still answer.)
54.80% True
45.20% False
4077 people have voted in this poll.

I am one of them actually... I did work for an asshole... she is the reason I've been humiliate and embarrass with a group of friends that I just met and actually likes them... other things that she has been actually humiliating herself unconsciously but more or less still effects on me!! she can lie to all those stupid men... but me... I'm a thinker... I dont accept 100% what u tell me... I'm inherit that from mum ok.... I evaluate what u tell me from the top until the bottom and see whether your story can be trusted or not... unfortunately , mrs bossy... ur stories are not really convincing to me... I know almost 90% of it is a lie!!! U r not from a wealthy family... U r not as rich as what u always brag about... U r not staying at Europe and schooling there.... and I know for sure... only stupid people will believe that u have that title... that Dr. in front of ur name... let me tell u, babe... I know who the heck u are... u dont even have a DEGREE!! and I dont think u even have a diploma!!! ur English is sooo terrible!! u cant even make a proper letters if I didnt check it first!! and hey... looking at ur so-kampung sister... do u really think that I believe that u r from a rich and wealthy family? u have 10 rooms at ur gigantic castle at Sabah? are u really think that I am that dumb??? so pity with this kind of fool people... or may i call her ASSHOLE??

I really want to quit this fucking stupid job!! I hate working here.. especially when those another 2 idiot asshole yg botak itu ada... lg la annoying... sakit jiwa n sakit mata okels... luckily Enchek Fiancee told me that I can quit this stupid job after our wedding... after all... I'm going to be a lecturer soon aren't I? huhuhuh...

but still... I have another 1 month to go... and I'm currently going crazy ok!!!
people.... how can I deal with this kind of people? What say you??

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