Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

March 06, 2008

New Baby

To cover up my frustrated feeling... I bought a new baby that I keep congaking to buy... actually, I need a new hp as my hp dh bengong kn... from day to day asyik tangguh jer... kebetulan kt ground level Wisma Idaman ni byk kedai phone n the price was quite cheap... beli kt sini jer la...

Takder mood nk blog pasal ni la... mls nk type pnjg2...
nantilah ek... c ya...

one funniest thing that actually make me laugh yesterday...(actually the only one thing that make me laugh yesterday) is Enchek Fiancee's kesengalan!! hahahaha.. he always try to pujuk n comfort me with his kesengalan tau... thats make me love him so much... he bought me a set of prayer atire @ telekung dgn harga almost RM300... (sah2 kn temberang dgn penjual kt PKNS tu, bang oii!!), and he actually know all those types of jahitan yer... I was so amazed and at the same time laugh out loud heard him talking about those type of jahitan mana yang cantik... mana yg tak kemas... (when I mengadu kt dia pasal the stupid tailor tu la...)



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