Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

August 17, 2007


So what makes a girl a real woman?

It is when she knows her worth. When she gets to accept life the way it
is. It is when she learns to be compassionate about the needs of others
but at the same time, know when to give in and when to not. It is when
she knows when to give up without losing herself. It is when she stops
being bitter and learns to love and respect herself. With this, she
opens doors for others, for opportunities and for love in its universal sense.

From A Girl To a Woman

i am an "i", different and apart from an "other". but i am an i that is a being-in-the-world-with-and-for-others. what makes up my being is everyone i've met, loved, hurt, and gotten hurt by in my life. a person who hurt me will teach me about pain, and will help me decide that i do not want to hurt others. a person who loved me will teach me how it is to give love, and will make me want to share love with others. a person who was kind to me will make me want to treat others with kindness. when we experience, we often think that it is an act of taking in.. but more than that, it is an act of pouring out. being open to the possibilities of this world, and the possibilities for us as beings-in-the-world.

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