Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

July 27, 2007


i'm so one of the handbag crazy!!!! ley jadik giller tgk collections handbag nie...
urm...latest yg GUESS Lanai collections tu...maybe sbb warna pink, so i'm totally crazy about it...
huhuhu...wish can buy that hobo one...

saw from one of the blogger's sales blog..
she sells it for RM200

Guess Lanai Hobo

Guess Lanai Top Zip- pink ($85.00)

Guess Lanai Top Zip- black ($85.00)

adorablenyer... saw from one of the fotopagers seller..

Lulu Guiness Friendship Love and Truth Handbag

biler arr nk dpt sumer beg2 nie....bahagianyer hidupku klu daku berjaya mendapatnyer....

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