Hi Lovelies....

Hi Lovelies....

December 02, 2005

looking MR RIGHT?

Looking for Mr. Right?????????
We've all been there once before. Looking for that prince charming that would sweep us off our feet, totally entrance us, and promise to live beside us for the rest of our lives in perfect harmony. Screech…halt. Reality sinks in. Guy after guy, and they all begin to look alike.

We begin to wonder does this guy really exist?
Where can we find him?
Is it really the guys we meet that are horrible, or is it just our unrealistic expectations?
How to find Mr. Right
1. Be the ideal partnerIf we want to find the perfect person, first we need to be the perfect person. It's not fair if we are expecting someone to be kind and sensitive to us when we ourselves are not. Learn to improve on your good and bad qualities and you'll find that guys are flocking to you, instead of you running to them.
2. Be realisticSit down and write a list of qualities of the person you want to look for. Be realistic. I mean, it's may be a bit unreal to expect a Tom Cruise lookalike with the arms of Arnold Swatznegger and who has a perfectly sensitive, understanding, caring and loving attitude. It may be good to categorize your dream guy's qualities into non-compromising and compromising. For example, an animal-loving guy may be a totally uncompromising quality for you, but may be something that someone else would not even consider. So when you meet different guys, you'll be able to know whether they fit into your list or not. Most importantly, you'll know for sure whether your expectations are too high or too low! 3. Don't expect him to fall on your lapIf you're just sitting around waiting for a Mr. Right to come falling out of the sky and into your lap, wake up! It's not going to happen without you doing something. Get up and about. Join a club (like a sports club) or take up a new hobby (like fishing or football). Ok, ok, let me be the one who's realistic now…find hobbies that you have at least a remote interest in. If you find something that you totally hate (like fishing or football), then it may not be so good an idea to join a fishing or football club. But at least do something. Be sociable!
4. Do not lose faith in peopleThere may be times (really often) when you do not meet the man of your dreams or find that he shatters your expectations on the 2nd date. But it's really important not to get bitter over it or disillusioned, thinking that he'll never come. It's bound to happen. What's important is not how many times you fail, it's how you bounce back up again!
So do not give up!
Tips on your first Date
1. Turn up early. You won't make a good impression if you're half an hour late.
2. Meet in a public place. This is so that if your date is up to no good, you can run and escape easily.
3. Choose a restaurant/activity that you're comfortable with.
4. Do not wear too much perfume. Remember - you want to impress him, not kill him!
5. Try not to wear white clothes (especially if you're planning on eating laksa).
6. Do not be afraid of silence during conversations. It's ok if you cannot think of things to say.
7. Most importantly, be yourself! There's nothing worse than seeing someone who's trying to put on a mask and make themselves appear someone they're not.
Sometimes getting to know someone as a really good friend first before going out with him saves a lot of heartaches later. That's because you know all his strengths and weaknesses already!
Trust your instincts. Sometimes that voice deep down inside of you can tell you lots of things.

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